How to generate demand and grow revenue

One of the best ways to generate demand for your product and services are attracting visitors with interesting content to your website and capture them as leads.

By creating targeted, interesting content such as webinars, videos, white papers, and e-books you can attract potential clients, who otherwise would never have heard about you.

It takes more time and resources to create these advanced content types, but the payoff can be dramatic.  Visitors will gladly sign up to read in-depth reports and analysis or participate in special events.

Interesting blog posts, regularly published, attract both new and returning visitors to your website and provide the launch pad for capturing leads and converting them into customers.

Content marketing builds trust by providing potential customers with valuable insights and information.  Combined with social media promotion, consistent content creation, and blogging build brand awareness and visitor loyalty.

  • Show off your expertise in your industry or specialty
  • Compel visitors to sign up as leads to read, view or participate
  • Regularly publish fresh content to maximize subscribers and leads

Combine it with automatic marketing software that nature the leads and you have the perfect recipe for growing your revenue.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a software platform that lets you build content such as landing pages, emails, webinars, etc and then present it at the right time to your potential buyers. The “right time” is based on their interaction with your website. You can also assign the “score”.

Marketing automation will allow you to

  • know exactly who is visiting your website and where they go
  • Educate your prospect about your solutions on the autopilot
  • Alert sales when the prospect will become sales ready

Marketing automation software will help you to capture the leads, nature them by sending emails with additional information about your products and assign a score to every lead. When the score is high enough, the software will send the alert to the sales team.

Lead scoring

Part of the process of demand generation is establishing the profile of your ideal target customers (marketing personas) and creating content for them. When a prospect is showing engagement, reading emails send by the system, attending webinars, downloading a case study, his profiles collect points for every action.

By reading your content, the prospect gets educated and his actions indicate that he is interested in the product and probably ready to be contacted by sales.

Demand generation is a well-calculated process; we can easily analyze how much traffic the website needs to get in order to create the required number of leads.

Demand generation and marketing automation are like well-oiled machinery, it can easily grow your revenue dramatically but it requires preparation & continuous monitoring for improvement.

Main elements of a Demand Generation program:

  • Valuable Content: White papers, case studies, eBooks
  • Landing pages, call-to-action
  • Email marketing

but you need to keep in mind, however, that it is about the sheer amount of resources (people, time, and money) required to harness its power.

There is no shortage of such platforms, from highly sophisticated ($2500/month) to more simple systems ($250/month). As with any other software, it usually matters less which product you choose than whether you use it effectively. Are you interested in growing your revenue using these techniques?  Contact us for free 30 minutes consultation.