Social media and business. The rules are still the same.

The most popular questions about internet marketing are these: how social media can help to convert anonymous visitors into buyers? How social media will convert buyers into recurring clients? Which social media websites are the best for businesses?

There are a few general rules that we apply but the truth is: every business is different and the optical system changes according to the needs of your target group, and the offered products or services.

But one thing is for sure: the social media changed everything except the rules of business.

  • Rule No. 1: Relationships generate revenue. So use social media to build up strong relationships. Write a blog and share it.
  • Rule No. 2:  It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Get the branding right. It’s not about the great features of your product, but about benefits for the client.
  • Rule No. 3: You can’t change people, but you can create the motivation that makes them want to change. Educate your customers, show them how your product can help them in business or daily life. They will appreciate it and reciprocate by becoming your client.

To summarize: first of all, have the right strategy and then choose the appropriate technology and channel to communicate with your prospects.

The online audience is enormous and unignorable. If you succeed in getting the name of your organization, product or service brought up online, you’ll have a prospective readership of a huge number of people. The Internet has some unique added advantages over conventional paper and ink.

What’s the marketing value of getting your name online?

Here are some:

  • You are able to share the articles with a lot more people – right away and for free. Think of the days back when we ran out to get 10 copies of a newspaper with an interview published to share with your clients or family?

Today, sharing is as easy as copying and pasting a link on our very own site and social networks.

  • Articles and visuals can live forever. In the past, newspaper articles were gone away never to be seen for a second time. TV and radio interviews disappeared from the moment they were broadcast. Articles about you published online, reviews and visuals are always available to help establish your authority as an expert resource for information.
  • You can create a content mix, that works for hand in hand with your current PPC (Pay per Click) campaigns.

If you make use of PPC, online publicity in forms of articles, videos and other visuals when well optimized for search engine, will add extra value to your PPC by providing additional proof of quality.